Established in 2015 in Docklands, Australia, by the co-founders of a digital and creative agency, Hatch Quarter is a vibrant community ready to offer all levels of support to entrepreneurs and startups. We are a mix of ambitious entrepreneurs, mentors and advisors, who are strongly equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you in your journey. Led by a passion for innovation, we provide startups and entrepreneurs with coworking space, education and consulting services.

Tiny ideas, fleeting moments of genius, beats of meaning and thoughts we wish you’d written down are all the start of something big. This is a place to chase the unknown, keep moving and go higher. We believe in work that helps, includes, excites and inspires. Let’s do it together and do it well.

“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring.”

— Catherine Pulsifer

When a business starts to hatch, every crack and step takes you closer to realising your dream. We are here to share moments of excitement about your company’s present and what the future will bring. We want to support the ultimate business journey so that we can find excellence and outshine our brightest ambitions.

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Aiman Hamdouna

Co founder and Director of Hatch Quarter

Mo Hamdouna

Co Founder of Hatch Quarter and Creative Director at Mo Works

Ophélie Mouton

Managing Partner at Mo Works

Camille Tissot

Events & Community Engagement Coordinator at Hatch Quarter

Raed AlKhatib

Business Advisory Manager at Hatch Quarter

Jessica Locke

Head of Communication at Mo Works

Samantha Tran

Business Development Executive at Mo Works

Rebecca Petrusic

Account Executive at Mo Works

Mark Kiewiet

Senior Digital Designer at Mo Works

Shuni Hou

Communication Intern at Mo Works

Clémence Vandame

Digital Designer at Mo Works

Andrés Herrera

Digital Designer at Mo Works

Isabella Pehlivanidis

Marketing Communications Intern at Mo Works

Vani Krishnamurthy

Digital Marketer at Mo Works

Nathan Taylor

Front End Developer at Mo Works

Vanishree Rohith

Front end Developer at Mo Works


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