Supporting the startup and innovation ecosystem through growth- and connections-focused programs.

Hatch Quarter programs are designed to bridge the gaps and build connections to foster and facilitate growth. Each program is holistically designed and catered for the startup and innovation journey from aspiring entrepreneurs to startups and scaleups.

MENA Bridge for Startups

Fee-Based Program

MENA Bridge for Startups 2022 is a specialised commercialisation program designed to enable Australian innovation and ventures to expand into the emerging Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) markets.

The Program is fee-based and provides bespoke support to hone market readiness and ability to scale, enables access to resources and market knowledge to design strategies and plan, and strategically connects with investors, industry leaders, and partners within Australia and beyond.

Applications for 2022 Program are Open Now.

Discovery Workshop

Fee-Based Program

The Discovery Workshop is a collaborative seminar to identify your position, resources, and business idea/venture’s market in order to create a brief action plan to map out the next steps toward your goals.

This workshop is two hours in duration and can be facilitated in-person or virtually.

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