Bring your startup into existence

Startup ideation and establishment

Our role is to remove the guesswork out of the Startup process and provide you with all the support required to get past the obstacles in the way of your milestones and take your startup idea to existence. To comprehensively grasp the potential of your startup, we break it down to the core of what will build a scalable, commercially viable business and provide you with an effective and efficient strategy to go from a concept to an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with traction.

Pre accelerator

Validate your startup idea

We work with you to find ways to gather real, live data on your business idea so we can clearly identify what the vision is, what it’s possibilities are, and where it might falter. As well as anticipating how consumers will really use your business, and what needs to change and evolve. We look at the major moving parts of the business internally to understand how it works both operationally and financially, and externally through the analysis of competitors and the most suitable consumers so we can assess your idea’s commercial viability and present you with the most efficient and effective pathway to the market.


  • Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Prototype Plan
  • Business Pitch Deck
  • Action Plan (post pre-accelerator)

Startup Bootcamp

Learn the startup fundamentals

This interactive two-day crash course in the startup process offers a systematic approach for aspiring and new entrepreneurs to assess the viability of any new idea, and covers the fundamental knowledge and mindset every founder should be equipped with in order to start up with the right foundations in place and avoid common yet costly mistakes faced by first time founders. Participants will have the opportunity to consolidate their learning by pitching an idea and receive detailed feedback for it by our mentors.


  • The qualities of an entrepreneur
  • Building a successful network in Australia
  • Finding your startup idea
  • Assembling the A-team
  • Building a prototype
  • Collecting feedback
  • When to iterate or refine an idea?
  • Crafting a Startup’s message for a target market
  • Developing an effective sales strategy
  • Funding your startup
  • Pitching a startup
  • Next step plan

HQ playbook

Startup playbook for international entrepreneurs

Delivered by Hatch Quarter and Mo Works, this playbook is a free tool funded by LaunchVic, a Victorian state government agency, to guide new migrants and refugees entrepreneurs engage with the Victorian startup industry and start their journey.

You will learn useful techniques to get yourself established, find network directories, and hear from other international entrepreneurs like yourself, who have found success in Australia. This book takes you through the process of assembling your team, testing your ideas, the fundamentals of communicating and selling your idea.