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$1.3 trillion and $56,100.00—this is the Australia GDP and GDP per capita respectively, and it is partly due to Australia’s rigorous technology, science, and innovation that are creating incredible economic and social opportunities locally and internationally.

Australia has a multicultural society with strong interconnected roots all over the world, and there is a golden opportunity for Australian ventures to commercialise and continue to scale their growth beyond the Australian borders and to transform the global landscape by harnessing the value of diversity.

To share Australian innovations with the world and to bring global innovations into Australia, Hatch Quarter has built a global bridge to facilitate key connections, provide bespoke support, and foster diversity and growth.


HQ MENA Bridge


APPLICATIONS OPEN: 14th February 2022 10:00am (AEDT)

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 25th March 2022 10:00am (AEDT)


MENA Bridge for Startups 2022 is a specialised commercialisation program designed to enable Australian innovation and ventures to expand into the emerging Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) markets.

The Program is fee-based and provides bespoke support to hone market readiness and ability to scale, enables access to resources and market knowledge to design strategies and plan, and strategically connects with investors, industry leaders and partners within Australia and beyond. 

Program participants will embark on a journey to explore commercialisation and expansion into new markets through establishing relationships with key global stakeholders to receive expertise and support based on the specific pathway(s):

  1. Export Product/Service: export and/or distribute the Australian product/service and understand the regulatory process to get the product registered, licensed, and/or approved.

  2. Establish: Establish an office through a joint venture or partnership and understand the regulations of establishing and building your base of operations.

  3. Connect to Investors: connect with key global stakeholders in the MENA market to receive support in raising capital. 

This project has received grant funding from the Australian Government (AusIndustry) through the Incubator Support Initiative funding as part of the program.

Program Overview

Human Centric and Data Driven

Screening Stage


14 Feb 2022 - 25 Mar 2022

The eligibility of applications is checked and assessed based on the eligibility criteria and based on a ranking system.


28 Mar 2022 - 22 Apr 2022

Shortlisted applicants are invited to a 1-hour interview and a one-day Workshop.

Acceleration Stage


26 Apr 2022 - 15 Jul 2022

Build on-the-ground connections and access masterclasses and bespoke consultations to gain market knowledge and design strategies.

Subject to Selection & Fees Apply

Implementation Stage



Receive individual company support in building relationships and preparing for the in-market experience.

Fees Apply



Participate in showcase events and in-market tours, as well as one on one meetings with key stakeholders.

Fees Apply

Eligibility Criteria

Australian ventures and innovations are eligible to apply for the MENA Bridge for Startups 2022 if the following are satisfied:

 1. are an Australian registered business;

 2. have a working product or service;

 3. genuinely interested in commercialising their products and serivces in the MENA region

 4. have demonstrated traction through revenue; and

 5. have a commitment to diversity and inclusion

Program Model

The full program is valued at more than $30,000.00, in partnership with our funding partners and platinum partners, selected participants to the program will only have to pay a total program fee of $15,790.00 + GST in addition to success fees. The Acceleration stage is only $9,790.00 + GST in addition to success fees subject to selection. Values do not include travel costs.

2 selected finalists by Hatch Quarter will receive a voucher to cover their fees for the implementation stage as well as part of their travel costs. Other participants will need to cover these expenses if they wish to join the trip. The market experience will include ecosystem tours and round tables. One-on-one meetings with stakeholders can also be organised with connections prior to the trip.

Terms and conditions apply. 

Industries & Verticals

Considering Australia’s strengths in the global landscape and in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the MENA Bridge for Startups 2022 welcomes applications from all Australian ventures involved in:




Healthtech & Biotech


Clean Energy Tech



What You’ll Receive


Market Knowledge

Learn about the MENA market, growing an international business, and stakeholder management.


Bespoke Support

One-on-one office hours from expertise and advice on how to achieve commercialisation and expansion objectives.


Strategic Network

Join the exclusive global ecosystem, establish relationships and participate in pitching opportunities with investor, corporate and strategic partner networks.


Actionable Insights

Understand the opportunities and design strategies through developing a Feasibility Plan and Action Plan.


Access Resources

Receive templates, processes, guides and feedback to enhance your business readiness.


This program is suitable for startups and companies who are ready to commit to their growth and are interested in the MENA markets.

Global Bridges X

17th February 2022, 6:00pm - 9:00pm (AEDT)

The Global Bridges X is a global showcase of the interchangeable opportunities in the market, technology and innovation between Australia and the Middle East and North African (MENA) region through cross-border growth of innovative tech businesses.

This virtual event will focus on Clean Energy Tech, Agritech and Mobility Tech, and will bring together experts and innovators from Australia and MENA to explore those topics and will encourage cross-market collaboration, knowledge transfer, and investment in innovation and entrepreneurship to provide innovative and sustainable solutions.

Global Bridges X will encourage cross-market collaboration, knowledge transfer, and investment in innovation and entrepreneurship to provide innovative and sustainable solutions.

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