Get out of your comfort zone

"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

IEA Meetup

International Entrepreneurs in Australia is the biggest community for international entrepreneurs in Victoria, with over 2600 members. This strong and inclusive network provides the ideal space for creative professionals to connect, network and support each other’s journeys.

Startup Playbook

Supported by LaunchVic, we are creating a playbook to guide new migrants and refugees entrepreneurs engage with the Victorian startup industry and start their journey. Share your story with us and inspire others.


By teaming up with Pozible, we're making it easier for entrepreneurs to create successful crowdfunding campaigns. Log in to our platform and start your campaign and or engage our team to bolster your campaign. We specialise in working with entrepreneurs who bring their innovative ideas to today’s industries, and we can assist you to create a persuasive crowdfunding profile and develop the strategies needed to launch and execute an effective campaign.

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