The Secrets to Thriving in Victoria’s Startup Ecosystem Have Been Revealed!

Over 120 guests attended the Playbook Launch event to get a first glimpse of the invaluable educational tool and all that it has to offer migrant and refugee entrepreneurs across Victoria! Download your FREE copy of Hatch Quarter’s Playbook now!

Hatch Quarter’s Playbook officially launched on Thursday, September 27th, and we are proud to say it was a huge success! Over 120 guests attended the launch to get a first glimpse of the Playbook and all that it has to offer migrant and refugee entrepreneurs across Victoria.


Kicking off the afternoon was Hatch Quarter’s founder, Aiman Hamdouna, who shared his inspiring journey as a refugee and how the Playbook came to be.  


Supported by LaunchVic, Hatch Quarter’s Playbook is here to assist first-generation migrants and refugee entrepreneurs advance their startups in Victoria. It also fosters a welcoming community of entrepreneurs who are looking to initiate or improve their existing startups.


Melbourne is Australia’s most multicultural city and during the event, we were eager to see just how many of our guests were migrants.

Were you born overseas?
Were your parents?
Do you work with someone from overseas?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would’ve been standing among a room full of people at the Playbook launch!


We asked our attendees a series of questions until one was left standing. Jisha Syriac, founder of Dhihub Solutions shared her startup and won a free session of her choice from Hatch Quarter’s suite of services!


The Minister of Innovation and the Digital Economy, Philip Dalidakis MP and Dr. Kate Cornick, the CEO of LaunchVic joined us and offered insights into how their entrepreneurial journeys began and why a diverse startup ecosystem in Australia is so important!


Dr. Kate Cornick spoke specifically with reference to Victoria’s male-dominated startup ecosystem, that is lacking in diversity – and what initiatives like the Playbook do to help overcome this issue.


“Victoria’s ecosystem is currently the 5th fastest-growing ecosystem in the world right now. If we want to reach the full potential of our ecosystem, our door has to be wide open to everybody”. We couldn’t agree more!


Since all event attendees received an exclusive hard copy edition of the Playbook, it’s only fair we give you the inside scoop! The multilingual Playbook, published in English, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin, consists of an in-depth, step-by-step startup process.


It is commonly known that to be entrepreneurial, you must listen, learn and source valuable information from any avenue. Which is why we’ve collated all the must dos of starting your business, in one place! From network building in Australia, to assembling your A-team, to developing a sales strategy, registering your business, and everything in-between — the Playbook is here to provide every migrant entrepreneur with the opportunity of reaping success in their industry.


Couldn’t Make it to the Playbook Launch?


Being an invaluable guide to entrepreneurs, we wouldn’t want you missing out on owning this educational tool!

Download your FREE copy of Hatch Quarter’s Playbook now!