HQ Global Business Ecosystem

by hatch quarter

A year ago Hatch Quarter began when brothers Aiman & Moayad Hamdouna stood in a vacant studio office thinking about a way to bring to life a new business ecosystem in Melbourne and support their community in doing so. Today, when you walk into Hatch Quarter you’ll find long island tables spread with monitors and iMacs, a soft furnished meeting area in the brightest corner of a glass-walled room, the view of the city, Etihad Stadium and Southern Cross Station, the smell of coffee and the sound of busy teams. We couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved in the past year, and we’re certainly looking forward to what’s on the horizon.

Today we’ve been chatting to some of the people who are important to us to find out what their experience with us has been like so far. As well as hearing some of their sentiments, we’d also like to give you a taste of what Hatch Quarter is up to in 2017, and invite you to our special event where we will launch our new accelerator services for startups and introduce everyone in attendance to our business ecosystem.

Mo Works was the first permanent resident at Hatch Quarter and they have brought vibrancy and creativity into the space. “Hatch Quarter has been an ideal space to organise events for the local community and a variety of industries, but mostly the aim is to support startups and entrepreneurs,” states Mo Works co-founder Ophelie Mouton. Co-founder and creative director Moayad Hamdouna has mentioned “Mo Works builds brands and digital platforms while adopting creativity and design-led thinking. The team of Mo works integrates with Hatch Quarter’s business ecosystem to provide flawless creative support. ” Moayad has also added that being in the co-working space at Hatch Quarter constantly provides him with opportunities to explore ideas with other people and inspires him to become more creative.

Blitzm Systems is a team of Software Engineers who started discussing collaboration opportunities with Mo Works in early 2016, and soon joined Hatch Quarter as a major resident in May 2016. Co-founder James O’Brien says "the great thing about working at Hatch Quarter is that each of the members can focus on their strengths and collaborate with experts in other areas so conveniently. Blitzm is all about building software, so being able to join forces when other skills are required is great for our clients and everyone at HQ."

Aiman is always buzzing with new ideas for the space, and has genuine passion for his work. Today we’re talking to him about how everything has come together and his main focuses for the coming year. Aiman says, “The partnerships and business ecosystem we have developed will strengthen our global reach by opening the Australian startups to international investors and allowing Australian startups to expand internationally through Hatch Quarter.”

Aiman has said previously that The City of Melbourne has long wanted Docklands to become a hub for tech startups and entrepreneurs. He says, “The co-working space at Hatch Quarter was the first step to creating the community and connecting the dots.”

When asked about 2017 Aiman says, “With our partners, this year our innovation hub and the business ecosystem will be providing entrepreneurs and startups with workspace, training programs, professional services, business consultancy and access to funding and mentoring opportunities.” He adds, “Entrepreneurship isn't an easy journey. We're here to offer support that will hopefully translate into added value for new ventures.” Our Event We will be holding a special event on the 11th of May to officially launch our business ecosystem and accelerator program for startups. Lots of exciting news and everything you need to know about our new accelerator program will be delivered on the night. There will also be a special announcement about a new incentive run by Hatch Quarter and partners that will make a huge difference to the life and development of one lucky startup. Attendees can look forward to lots of opportunities to take home goodies. Everyone attending will receive a raffle ticket upon arrival to enter the draw to win one of the exciting prizes offered by our sponsor. For those who want to increase their chances of winning, there will be an option to purchase more. Numbers are limited so please secure a ticket by May 8th.