Our education programs deliver hands-on training and collaborative workshops that require your full commitment. Your main outcome upon completion is a ready-to-go business—a hatched startup idea.

We hope to create a cycle of learning, growing and mentoring between entrepreneurs in our community, which we believe will encourage more meaningful connections to develop between the startups around us.

We run our programs in our innovation hub & coworking office. This space is home to our resident startups and the location of many events for entrepreneurs and startups throughout the year, which means you really get to see how everything works and connect with us in more ways than one.

Ideation - Hatching

Master your idea

Creation - Hatch it

Mise-en-place for startups

Preparation - Hatched

Build it. Launch it. Scale it.

Ideation - Hatching

  • Start any time
  • Request details
  • 3 weeks period

In this creative session, you will work with experienced mentors who are dedicated to unearthing the most justified and actionable version of your business idea to date.

  • Brainstorming techniques

    Workshop your idea and discover some innovative approaches that will improve your thinking process and ability to analyse your idea and then enhance it.

  • Test a new idea

    In this session, we will start to analyse your revised idea together using pain point identification and other taught methods, and then brainstorm ways to improve it.

  • Business Design

    Here we will match your idea to a business canvas. There have been many business canvases designed over the years—but only one will suit you best.

  • Research approaches

    Without a clever research method, all of that data will go to waste. Learn which research metrics and methods are going to effectively and efficiently help you to collect data on your business, then implement them.

  • Industry expert

    Your instructor will help you organise your findings so far. They will then connect you with an industry specialist who will give you their feedback on your business idea.

  • Review applicable technology and resources

    Explore the option to use technology to give your business an edge. We will help you to understand what’s available, what’s required and what the underlying benefits are of different technologies.

Projected Outcomes

Implement smart and effective thinking processes
Use available resources and learnt concepts to make informed decisions about your business idea
Develop the ability to generate innovative business ideas within a structured plan

Creation - Hatch it

  • Start any time
  • Contact us for pricing
  • 6 weeks period

In this strategy-based workshop, we will look at the steps involved in giving your startup a presence. We’ll review what goes into branding, digital marketing and getting your elevator pitch ready to deliver at any moment.

  • Branding

    Learn about the importance of branding and what it can achieve for your business. Gain an understanding how a brand evolves into something as inseparable from your business as your original idea.

  • Digital setup

    Learn how to setup and connect digital accounts in the modern day business environment. We will cover which ones are essential and what having them will allow you to do.

  • Digital management

    Your business’s digital accounts require your ongoing management of them. Learn how to look after your accounts and stay up to date in a fast changing digital world.

  • Brief business overview

    All clearly defined businesses can be accurately represented by their profile. We will make sure you have a professional business profile that you can confidently share with all of your new partners and clients.

  • Engagement — elevator pitch

    Learning how to describe your business in the simplest way while covering all aspects and engaging your audience is the aim. This takes practice and that is what we are here for.

Projected Outcomes

Develop business’s brand & digital accounts
Develop brief communication plan
Learn steps for managing digital accounts

Preparation - Hatched

  • Start any time
  • Contact us for pricing
  • 8 weeks period

Prepare your business model down to the last detail. Lock in effective procedures with professionally made manuals, guidelines and staff handouts, and develop your pitch deck to be ready to walk into meetings anywhere.

  • Strategic business planning

    Grow competent in strategic business planning. Knowing how to cover every possible aspect is the main outcome to take away. This workshop asks you to write your business plan and refine it.

  • Pitch deck preparation

    Writing a business plan for internal use is different to presenting your key message and timeline to investors. You will need a pitch deck for that and that is precisely what the focus of this session will be.

  • Pitching and presentation technique

    Public speaking is a skill that can be acquired by learning the techniques and methods behind it. Most entrepreneurs aim to nail this and you can too.

Projected Outcomes

Create strategic business plan
Ready pitch deck
Develop presentation skills

“I recently attended the Hatching course to validate a startup idea of mine. I was impressed by the structured and well thought out validation process. Matt and Aiman who ran the course are experienced and professional providing a good blend of enthusiasm to understand the concept whilst also pressure testing the idea by challenging the underlying assumptions.”

Neil Naidoo


Be curious and ask more

At Hatch Quarter we love to ask and we get excited when you ask as much as us. Here are some questions we thought you may think of with some responses.

I think I’ve already have validated my business idea. Can I move onto the Creation phase of the program?

Yes, our workshops don’t have prerequisites as such. It is up to you to choose where to start, and we’re happy to work around your needs. It’s always a good idea to have an initial meeting with us to discuss your current situation if you’re unsure where to begin.

I am not sure if I should invest my time and money into my idea. What should I do?

One of the benefits of our ideation program is that it will help you to figure out if your idea is viable, and worth your personal and financial investment.

I’m currently working on a full-time basis. Am I going to be able to make the program?

Our program can be delivered to suit your schedule. For example, if you work during normal business hours, we can run the program after-hours or on the weekend for you.

I am not in Melbourne, can I still enrol for this program?

At Hatch Quarter, we have a global reach and attitude. While we believe our courses work best when they’re delivered in person, we’re more than happy to accommodate you and work through the sessions using online channels.

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