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Our consulting services will help you through the important stages of planning, developing and scaling your startup. Our team is here to help enhance your startup by implementing innovation and using design-led thinking.

New, old, or somewhere in between? We focus on understanding your point of view and your expectations of your business using open and effective methods of continuous communication. From Melbourne, we deliver tailored solutions to your Startup or Business that fits your industry, resources and vision.

What we Offer

Planning consulting

We build tailored and strategic business plans, pitch deck content and various strategic models designed in Melbourne to put you in the right direction and enable you to present your startup professionally.

Innovation consulting

We develop business solutions and strategies in Melbourne while using design thinking to build a customised framework for you to achieve business growth and implement innovation.

Be curious and ask more

At Hatch Quarter we love to ask and we get excited when you ask as much as us. Here are some questions we thought you may think of with some responses.

What is Hatch Quarter?

Hatch Quarter is a startup agency and innovation hub. We provide entrepreneurs coworking space, pre-accelerator, and consulting.

Are Hatch Quarter's consulting services only suited to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in Melbourne?

Our consultants work with enterprises of all sizes. We believe innovation and creativity can be implemented strategically at every level.

My business isn't based in Melbourne. Can I still connect to your consulting services?

Although our services are designed to be delivered in person, we are more than happy to make the most of technology and run our consulting sessions with you online.

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