Connect with people who can make the road to entrepreneurship a little bit easier. Our consulting service connects you with mentors, partners and specialists to share knowledge and guide you through important stages of planning and development. As with our training programs, the process is tailored around you.

New, old, or somewhere in between? Our team is here to help. If you’re a startup in your early stages, let’s work together to finalise your business plan and master your pitch deck. Later we can act as an accelerator for you. We also consult with established businesses who wish to enhance their services and market reach using our advanced business solutions.

What we Offer

Strategic Planning
  • Business plan
  • Pitch deck
  • Financial projection model

Our team of experienced mentors draw on a breadth of knowledge and expertise to deliver you process management, business planning, financial forecasts, and various strategic models designed to help you raise capital and achieve growth.

Growth Hack
  • Innovative business evaluation
  • Process mapping and analysis as per APQC standards
  • Business automation and system customisation
  • Global reach

Gain insights into the markets that relate to your business and get direction on your work that will help bring out your creativity and innovative ideas.

  • Office space
  • Communication & design services
  • Web & digital development services
  • Software engineering services
  • Business consulting services

Accelerate, build and launch your product in the most efficient and effective manner. This is an opportunity to obtain the services of our ecosystem at a lower rate in return for equity.

Our Approach

  1. 1

    Identify your needs by giving your startup a check-up and defining the scope of your requirements

  2. 2

    Understand your point of view and your expectations of your business in the future using open and effective methods of continuous communication

  3. 3

    Ensure transparency and objectivity in communicating our progress on each project

  4. 4

    Think transparently and openly as we make progress on each project

  5. 5

    Commit to going beyond our reaches to deliver more for you

  6. 6

    Review each phase of the project with you so we can continue to effectively serve your needs and offer the best services for your startup


Be curious and ask more

At Hatch Quarter we love to ask and we get excited when you ask as much as us. Here are some questions we thought you may think of with some responses.

What is Hatch Quarter?

Hatch Quarter is a startup agency. We provide entrepreneurs and startups with space, training programs, business consulting and solutions to extend their global reach.

Are Hatch Quarter's consulting services only suited to early-stage startups?

Our consultants work with enterprises of all sizes, not just early-stage startups. The primary service we offer to more established businesses is assistance breaking into new markets and extending global reach.

My business isn't based in Melbourne. Can I still connect to your consulting services?

Although our services are designed to be delivered in person, we are more than happy to make the most of technology and run our consulting sessions with you online.

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