Hatch Quarter Stars in an Online Show

by hatch quarter

Recently we were lucky enough to have Alex Storer and Darcy Smyth join us to film an episode of their online show, All You Do is Talk.

Alex owns video marketing business, AWS Productions, while Darcy is the lead trainer and owner of The Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales. Together, they created All You Do is Talk to explore the often tumultuous and uncertain world of business ownership.

Expectations Aren’t Everything

After the viral success of Episode 3: The Opportunity, the team followed up with an equally honest discussion in Episode 4: The Expectation, which revolved around the danger of being discouraged from business ownership by other people’s opinions. “When we are constantly taking information from all these fragmented sources, it just dilutes who we really are and who we want to be. We’re not paying attention enough to what we really think ourselves,” says Alex.

Using Hatch Quarter as a backdrop, Alex and Darcy shared their own experiences and observations of how easily it is to get caught up in other’s expectations of how you should approach starting or operating a business. They believe these preconceived ideas can often lead to feelings of inadequacy, which can stop entrepreneurs in their tracks before they’ve even begun.

“There is a lot of noise out there telling you, you should be doing something a different way. Just because it’s the loudest information out there doesn’t mean it’s the most correct,” says Darcy.

Glimpse into Life as an Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure to host the boys for the new episode, as they are spreading valuable information about the reality of entrepreneurship and the types of hurdles that may pop up along the way. But most importantly, they press the importance of pushing past these challenges when they do arise.

We’re thrilled to be able to share these insights with our community, as advice and tips from seasoned entrepreneurs can help you better prepare for the often unpredictable journey of business ownership.

New Angle for Hatch Quarter

Shooting a show at Hatch Quarter was something we were extremely eager to try out as it would give us a peek behind-the-scenes at how high quality videos are produced. This is one of the many things we love about shared workspaces; the ability to pick up new ideas that can shape the way we work in future.

And we must say, our collaboration space and the views out onto the Etihad concourse from our windows did come up quite a treat on screen. Coupled with some great shots of the Docklands precinct, the production gave a great snapshot of the vibrancy and professionalism of our corner of Melbourne.

Online Video is Going Viral

Online video is a great way to spread your message to a wider audience, with YouTube reporting that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Whether you own your own business or just want to start streaming about the latest footy scores, video can be an engaging way to share your knowledge with the community and encourage discussion around topics that interest you most.

We’d be happy to chat to you about angles and how to use Hatch Quarter as the ideal backdrop, so if you’re interested in boosting your online presence with video and want a great shooting location, feel free to get in touch.

Written by Elyse Wurm, Head of Communication at Mo Works Creative Agency.