Husam is Ready to Hustle with Hatch Quarter!

Hatch Quarter’s newest technical advisor may have a PhD  in mechanical engineering, however Husam Wafai is an entrepreneurial spirit at heart. Welcome, Husam!

Hatch Quarter’s newest technical advisor may have a PhD  in mechanical engineering, however Husam Wafai is an entrepreneurial spirit at heart.

Growing up in a family of engineers, young Husam followed suit, attaining academic degrees in both mechanical engineering and materials science. In spite of his technical genetics, Husam developed an unwavering interest in economics and business.

Husam’s expertise over the past ten years both in engineering and scientific research, has seen him work on diverse projects for big clients such as Airbus, Alcan, and Sabic involving lab experiments and numerical simulations. You can imagine the wonders his level of critical thinking will contribute to the Hatch Quarter team!

Originally from Syria, and after having spent most of his life in both Saudi Arabia and Germany, Husam and his wife moved to Australia in 2017. Three years of working on the application process lead them to Melbourne—two highly skilled individuals seeking a prosperous beginning and new opportunities.

Now in his new role at Hatch Quarter, Husam’s combination of hardcore scientific research experience and a passion for business and investment makes him a lethal addition to our team.

“As a tech advisor, I look into the science behind the ideas that come to us, evaluate their validity, and guide the entrepreneurs to improve their ideas such that they are more valuable from the investment point of view,” says Husam.

As a first-generation migrant himself, Husam strongly believes in the value that international immigrants and refugees bring to a nation, in particular those with an entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time he acknowledges the importance of community and having a strong support network along the way.

“As a newcomer to Melbourne, I was eager to network and get to know people. In an unfamiliar country I knew that my starting point was through finding a support network. I registered to Meetup and found an event nearby about “Law For Startups”, hoping to learn the Australian rules if I planned to start my own venture in the future. I attended the event and that’s where I met the event organiser, Aiman, who happened to be the founder of startup incubator, Hatch Quarter. The rest is history!”

Hatch Quarter founder, Aiman Hamdouna, is certainly excited to have him on board. 

“Husam’s analytical personality is second to none, and fits so seamlessly with Hatch Quarter’s high standard of mentorship and advisory. His success in academics, interest in share trading and business investments really are an ode to his motivational and entrepreneurial spirit!”

A trusted opinion can be all that’s needed to foster successful outcomes. At Hatch Quarter we support your startup endeavours and help them flourish, regardless of what stage you’re at. Get to know the rest of the Hatch Quarter team here!