Growth Case Study: Bricolage Dynamics

Phoebeanca Luong

Today, Bricolage Dynamics provides local communities with an option to do more with their waste, create new job opportunities and produce sand for community projects. Wind back 4 years ago, Bricolage Dynamics sits as an idea within Zebulon Parsons’ mind yet to be hatched.

Being an innovation hub and business accelerator, Hatch Quarter holds tremendous pride in the entrepreneurs and startups we have worked with. We have built a sophisticated ecosystem of over 3,500 entrepreneurs, and an ecosystem of startups, corporates, business experts, industry leaders, and government representatives of over 1,000 individuals in Australia and globally.


We have touched base with Zebulon Parsons (Founder of Bricolage Dynamics) who is continuing to make significant strides in the glass upcycling industry and is moving into the next business stage with a raise:


1. Where were you before you started working with Hatch Quarter?


I had developed the concept of Bricolage Dynamics in Ireland (2015) when I was getting my masters degree in Supply Chain Management with an emphasis on Supply Chain Sustainability and had written a paper on recycling in the south of the US. I then moved back to the States and worked for a multinational manufacturing company for two years, contemplating the idea all the way. I ended up moving to Australia and took a contract with another multinational company before leaving and helping a tech company establish larger operations in Australia. By 2017, I was fed up with working for people so I began attending Hatch Quarter events where I met Aiman and Scott. A few months later, I signed up for their pre-accelerator program where we workshopped the idea, stress testing the concept on paper. 


2. Where are you now? What are the key milestones you've made? 


The company entered the market in December 2019 as an end-to-end glass waste to sand resource service in Greenville, SC USA. We entered the market with a glass-to-sand pilot, ensuring that our business concept could operate profitably. Since launching, we became a member of Fledge, The Conscious Company accelerator, having beat out over 800 companies from over 50 countries to be 1 of 8 businesses accepted in their 2020 cohort. To date, we have serviced over 250+ households and have a growing waitlist. We have also produced over 25+ tons of sand. 

In the last month, we have been accepted as a member of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) having been recognised as a high impact business in the state. 

We have recently launched our seed round, raising $250K in order to grow our organisation and onboard our growing waitlist. 


3. How did HQ help you get there? What have we done that was of most value to you? 


HQ offered a glimpse into what it looks like to be a CEO of a startup, in a very condensed yet impactful manner. They provided me with the ‘upper level’, the ‘30,000 feet view’, that is required to analyse and grow my operation. Their team also immersed themselves into my idea, providing me with a second and third brain that helped grow my idea and explore the concept's potential—this was particularly valuable in the idea stage since I was a sole entrepreneur. Finally, they helped structure the research and findings in such a way to where I could replicate the methodology for years to come! 

Without HQ, it would have taken me significantly longer to learn what to look for and where I should look to implement my idea and grow my operation. 


4. What are your next steps as a company? 


Our seed raise is closing at the end of November and with this capital, we will be buying new equipment that will enable us to finally grow our operation and branch into new markets. 

Since we are an end-to-end venture, we are also working on developing IP around our household interface and logistics networks. Our goal is to develop interactive logistics solutions that will streamline the transfer of materials and information between households and recycling processors. The ultimate objective is franchising these solutions to cities across the world reintroducing profitability back to back recycling markets while tripling recycling rates. 


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