HQ Events & Playbook: Hatching the Startups of International Entrepreneurs

This year, we are excited to announce that we will create an event series, Hatch and Integrate, and a playbook to support first-generation refugee and migrant entrepreneurs in Victoria.

This year, we are excited to announce that we will create an event series, Hatch and Integrate, and a playbook to support first-generation refugee and migrant entrepreneurs in Victoria, as part of Launchvic Round 3 grant funding.

Meetup: International Entrepreneur in Australia (InterPreneur)

Through the InterPreneur Meetup, our aim is to build a supportive community for international entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Whether you’re a student, traveller or professional, you’re welcome to join our community to share your unique knowledge and experiences with us.

Connect with our community to find support and help others to get off to a strong start, integrate successfully and grow businesses in Australia.

Playbook: Startup Guide for First-Generation Australian Entrepreneurs Born Overseas

Supported by LaunchVic, Hatch Quarter—in collaboration with Mo Works—is creating a Playbook to help first-generation Australian entrepreneurs commence their startup journeys in Victoria.

If you are an international entrepreneur and you have a startup, we would love to hear from you and include your story in our playbook. If you offer startup services to first-generation Australian entrepreneurs, born overseas, we would love you to share your insights and help others succeed.

Our Community

Partnered with Mo Works Creative Agency, together we are a strong force with a history of educating and benefiting the entrepreneurial community, particularly by enabling startup founders, including migrants, to execute their business ideas.

We have expertise in numerous fields, including strategic business management, branding, social media management, marketing, software development, event organisation and other fields of business development, which we have amassed during the course of our combined years of formal study and professional exposure to different demands.

Our team has extensive experience in the Victorian Startup ecosystem and has participated in more than 50 events—organising 35 informative events, seminars and workshops.

What We’ve Accomplished in the Past 3 Years

We have created Meetup groups to help the startup community come together and have 3000+ members, including 2100+ members in our InterPreneur Meetup group alone.

The networking events and information sessions we have organised have attracted more than 2000 individuals to attend. Our event attendees represented a diverse group of entrepreneurs, creatives, tech professionals, journalists and government officials. Many of our attendees from these groups are also migrants.

In 2016, we were thrilled to host an event as a part of Melbourne Knowledge. More recently, we attended the workshop held by the City of Melbourne to create the 2017 Startup Action Plan. We have also partnered with the Knowledge Market in Docklands to deliver courses related to business and entrepreneurship and to help activate Victoria Harbour.

We’ve Been There

As migrants ourselves, we appreciate the challenges that immigrants might face, and through our experiences and active engagement with the local community, we have developed a deep understanding of the Australian culture, laws and regulations of starting a business.

Hatch Quarter co-founder Aiman Hamdouna migrated to Australia in 2007. He founded the International Entrepreneurs in Australia Meetup community on Feb 14, 2016. Mo Hamdouna, also a co-founder of HQ, migrated to Australia in 2009. Mo is a co-founder of the Multicultural Excellence Awards and is an executive member of the Docklands Chamber of Commerce.

Using our refined knowledge of the industry, we aim to cultivate:

  • Sustainable growth: support services to help businesses attract talent, investment and customers through all stages of a business’s life cycle.
  • Places for innovation: open and accessible places where the community can innovate.
  • Inclusive and collaborative culture: Programs that support our startup community’s unique collaborative culture.
  • Adaptive governance: access to key data, resources and business opportunities for local startups.

Our community has room for you to get involved! If you are passionate about the startup industry in Victoria, connect with us on our Slack channel and Meetup group and help us thrive.