You might have read about it, you might be part of it..


Of course, it is the International Entrepreneurs in Australia community.


Who are the InterPreneurs of Australia?

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a traveller or a professional looking a career change, this group is made for like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in the Australian startup industry but also, who want to share their experience and must-do-tips-before-launching-a-startup.

InterPreneurs are from all over the world. From France or South America, Australia and China (to name a few), InterPreneurs are attracted by the idea of building a startup in Australia. They might even have a business already but are seeking some help or advices from other successful international entrepreneurs who made their move to Australia.


Where to find them?

Established by Hatch Quarter and recently sponsored by LaunchVic, the International Entrepreneurs community which started as a meetup group, has now expanded to Facebook and Slack.


Yes yes, we can be connected 24/7 thanks to these amazing social platforms!


The IEA on Meetup

On Meetup, we share about upcoming events, workshops and meetups. It is crucial to stay connected as we have a bunch of great events coming up!


The IEA on Slack

You’ve probably heard of it.. Slack is a social platform where amazing things get done.

Designed to make internal communication easier, we’ve decided to use this team collaboration tool as the new ‘Messenger’ for the IEA. On this channel you will find the people you need and the information you want because everyone share articles, experiences and advices.


It’s time to come together to get things done and why not start on this brilliant startup idea you had ages ago!


The IEA on Facebook

Ah Facebook! What a handy platform!

This closed group gives you all the insights of upcoming events, latest articles and above all, an easy-way to connect with other InterPreneurs!

Join us and get your network started.


What to expect when being part of this community?

Our goal is to build a community that supports international entrepreneurs and creative humans. We believe that networking, making new contacts and building relationships is a key asset when creating a startup. This is why we want to create a space where people can listen and learn from each other, share stories and failures or anything that can help make a startup journey a little bit easier.

Email us at if you want to know more about the InterPreneurs in Australia.


Written By Camille Tissot the Community Coordinator of Hatch Quarter