​7 Reasons to Love Working in Docklands

by hatch quarter

We’ve been based in Docklands for just over a year now, and don’t plan on moving any time soon. Docklands is developing its own brand of Melbourne culture as well as connecting people seamlessly to the vibrancy of the CBD when they commute in and out. Here’s 7 reasons why the newest suburb to be included in the Melbourne ‘municipality’ has proven to be such a great place to work.

1. You get the best of the city at an arm’s length

The majority of workers in Docklands live in metro Melbourne areas and commute to work by train. Perhaps a reason for this is that the experience of the getting the train to Southern Cross Station and walking over the walkways to Docklands from there is enjoyable, and encourages more people to choose metro trains.

It’s having access to fantastic infrastructure in the CBD like Southern Cross Station, without also working in the midst of heavy congestion and managing other detractors to CBD work life, that make Docklands an appealing area to work in. CBD restaurants, bars, shopping and arts precincts are also but a stone’s throw away, however they are more like things on the horizon to look forward to, than a possible source of distraction throughout the day.

2. Open spaces

It’s common to talk about big blue skies when we draw pictures of the beauty of Australia, but it’s less likely to associate this with the landscapes of our cities. It’s apt when describing the urban environment of Docklands though, and the open spaces here are great news for workers.

People like open spaces because these:

  • Inspire us
  • Encourage positive thoughts
  • Provide relief from high-rises
  • Invite public art
  • Counter depression
  • Allow walkways to become more culturally purposed

Open spaces lead us to think about the future and ourselves with greater optimism. Growth is encouraged, and this is vital to the life of cities.

3. Signs of growth

From the buildings, to the stadium, to the station, to the bay, there are signs of growth in Docklands. The residential population might be less than 10 000 but more than five times as many people work here. With the headquarters of corporations like ANZ, NAB, Myer, and Bureau of Meteorology located in Docklands, too, the drawcard for other businesses to follow is evident.

Some of these businesses will be large corporations with the means to build new headquarters here. Others will be startups like us, who think of Docklands as an ideal and inspirational home for businesses focused on innovation and industry progress.

4. Influx of startups

Docklands has long been flagged to become a centre for startups and tech companies, which is why you see street names like Digital Drive. Government organisations like Launch Vic are making sure Victoria gets the funding it needs to become a national leader for startups, and suburbs like Docklands are giving these more reasons to be based in Victoria.

Docklands is the perfect home for startups because of its wide range of available commercial space, variety of new and existing businesses, consistently updated infrastructure, and professional community and culture. When we talk about building startup ecosystems we look for areas that suitable for gathering together as entrepreneurs and developing close partnerships and collaborative ties. Docklands ticks both boxes.

5. Integrated business community

Businesses here have the opportunity to come together as a community. It can’t be over emphasised how great an effect being active in the community has on one’s happiness in and outside of work.

It is straightforward to welcome international entrepreneurs and speakers to Docklands, because the location is accessible. Hatch Quarter is also proud of its relationship with the Docklands Chamber of Commerce and their work to establish more active and passionate voices from local businesses.

6. Professional culture

Business life in Docklands has permeated the overarching culture of the district and gives the area a professional feel. Outside of peak hours for people to arrive and depart from work it is still predominantly professionals that you see wandering in between buildings and gathering for meetings at local restaurants and cafés.

7. Iconic and artistic surroundings

Architects, town planners, and the local council have seized the opportunity to fill Docklands with public art and iconic architectural features. This is added to by efforts from businesses to erect buildings that create lasting impressions on visitors, residents and staff in the area. The possibility to build large scale and push the style of the period forward seems to run in tandem to what the businesses here hope to achieve with their work.

If you want to make Docklands your business home, or join us for a day, you can contact us at hello@hatchquarter.com.au