​5 Essential Elements of Great Coworking Culture

by hatch quarter

A workspace may have a desk, comfy chair and even a pot plant, but does this really make it a good place to get stuff done?

A flat atmosphere can quash creativity quicker than a flickering fluorescent light, but taking time to observe the culture of a prospective workplace before you move in can ensure you find one that doesn’t kill your vibe.

When it comes to shared workplaces, it’s all well and good to have a bit of fun on the ping pong table, but it’s equally as important to find a space with a culture that supports your goals. Here are a few things we think are important for creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity without sacrificing productivity.

Uplifting Environment

Healthy workers are happy workers, and 70% of those who work in coworking spaces report to feel healthier than they did in a traditional office setting. Features such as natural lighting, ample desk space and good air flow contribute greatly to both the physical and mental health of residents.

Being given the opportunity to move around the space and work at different stations, such as a standing desk or on a couch, can also keep you feeling refreshed and motivated. Likewise having access to healthy snacks such as fruit can further encourage good habits and keep your mind on task rather than on lunch.

Educational Opportunities

Continuous improvement is vital no matter which line of work you’re in — freelancing, business ownership or a startup. Keeping up to date with the latest best practices means you won’t commit a faux pas and can identify the most efficient ways to complete tasks.

Working in a space that offers regular workshops, seminars or presentations will ensure you always have access to a steady stream of new information. It may also encourage you to learn about a topic that you may not have considered before.

By making your personal development a priority, you will feel supported and be able to continuously improve the service you provide through your profession.

Supportive Community

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the three main reasons people thrive in coworking spaces is because they feel like they’re part of a community. People are able to interact as much or as little as they wish, but the potential for discussion is always apparent and forges strong bonds between those who inhabit the space.

By capitalising on opportunities for interaction created by events and collaboration areas in a workplace, residents can easily chat with people they may never have met otherwise. This can spark ideas for joint projects and help you gather valuable suggestions on how to effectively move towards your goals.

Staying in touch with others who know your objectives can also keep you accountable, with motivation always at hand for those odd times when you might slide slightly off track.

Nifty Technology

In a practical sense, having access to facilities such as NBN internet, Apple TV and projector can greatly enhance productivity and give tasks such as giving presentations a more professional touch.

A workplace that prioritises technological facilities enables you to enjoy all the benefits of top-of-the-range resources without the financial burden of purchasing them yourself. You also won’t waste time setting them up or researching which is the best gadget to invest in, as this will already have been taken care of.


A study completed by Wix and Officevibe revealed that only 30% of coworkers preferred to work during traditional office hours. With so few people adhering to the 9-5 life, a workplace that offers round-the-clock access can offer you more control over your work schedule.

The ability to choose when you work will enable you to achieve a greater work-life balance and tailor your hours to when you are most productive. Getting the most out of work hours will also enable you to increase your output and can even cause great improvements in your returns.

Each workspace you step into will give off very different vibes, but at Hatch Quarter we believe that balancing the personal with the professional is the key to getting the most out of your stay. If you’d like to learn more about our culture get in touch

Written by: Elyse Wurm, Head of Communication at Mo Works Creative Agency.